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Anglers travel from all over North America and abroad for Lake Nipissing walleye. The lake is world renown for it's abundant walleye population. These fish are highly sought after due to their sweet white flesh which makes them excellent table fare. Please be wary of slot size restrictions and limits when fishing for Lake Nipissing walleye to ensure the fishery stays healthy for future generations.

The most productive season for walleye fishing on Lake Nipissing is spring. In early spring walleye, also known as pickerel, by local anglers, congregate in rivers to spawn. Once the season opens fishing river mouths can be very productive. Walleye actively feed during the post-spawn period to replenish energy lost during breeding. Drifting jigs tipped with minnows can't be beat, although plain twister tails and small crankbaits also produce good results. Best colours of twister tails include, white, yellow and chartreuse. Trolling worm harnesses is also a great tactic for early season Lake Nipissing walleye. Once spring progresses and water begins to warm up, walleye will move from shallow flats to deeper mid-lake structures, such as shoals, humps and deep drop-offs.

When summer rolls around, walleye fishing slows down and the fish become less active, generally only feeding during low light conditions. Dawn, dusk, and cloudy / overcast days are most productive. Fishing with live bait is key during the dog days of summer and slowly jigging your presentation near deep water structures is very effective. Finesse fishing is the bread and butter of all diehard walleye fishing, and very sensitive light action rods, spinning reels and braided line helps anglers detect the slightest of bites. In summer, walleye will also hunker down in weedbeds, and fishing the "pockets", holes in the weeds with bucktail jigs can be deadly. Never over look night time fishing for walleye, some of the biggest walleye are caught while aggressively fishing a jerkbait or topwater lure over weedbeds at night.

In fall, the walleye will again begin to move shallow and many of the techniques used in the spring, once again come into play. Casting spinners and crankbaits off points, islands and drop-offs can produce some large fish. Walleye will begin actively chasing baitfish in the fall in preparation for winter.

During icefishing season in winter, Lake Nipissing receives some of the most intense fishing pressure, with hundreds of miniature ice shanty towns dotting the frozen lake. Many ice fishing operators, rent out large bungalows where anglers can fish day and night in comfort and warmth. Some bungalows are even equipped with TVs so anglers can enjoy watching the hockey game or a movie when fishing is slow. The main tactic used for winter walleye, is just a minnow and split shot dangled 1 to 2 feet of bottom. A lively minnow swimming around is irresistible even to the most finicky of walleye. Once again dusk and dawn are prime times for Lake Nipissing walleye, although in winter, under a blanket of snow, the lake remains dark and fishing action can be steady all day.

Lake Nipissing is a walleye wonderland. If you are an avid walleye angler and you haven't fished in Lake Nipissing. What are you waiting for! Get out there and enjoy what this beautiful lake has to offer.

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